Services and policy


Being a leader in Value Add Distribution, PROTECH Provides many professional services for the channel, these Services vary from pre-sales, design, on-Site support, training and attend presentation with our IT channels to End Users.

Note: these services are provided to the IT channels and through them only and cannot be provided directly to End users.

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Specialized Services / Logistic Management

Regarding to PROTECH is a Distributor & Logistic Management in UAE & Egypt always keeps a high stock of products.

We are working as partnership with you to reach the most important targets in your business:
• reduce your costs                                             • increased time value
• increased competition power                      • increased the ROI

Our Policy

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Our policy to get the business is to develop a strong sales channel including partners and IT pro-community and tightly connect our product marketing initiatives to ensure proper channel fulfillment. Our aim is to choose the right mix of sales channels and optimize their performance; this includes putting the channel in place, putting the programs in place to support the channel, and putting the measurements in place to assure they are accomplishing what we expected.  Continually monitoring performance and tuning the organization in their execution of the strategy is critical to achieving the business results we want.

PROTECH offer Partner incentive program; Featuring:

–  Volume & level discounts.                                 –  Special pricing policy.
–  Price protection policy.                                       –  Partners enablement and Technical certification.
–  Consultation and Project design.                   –  On-site technical support.
–  Priority hot-line support.                                    –  Product evaluation.
–  Advertisement and e-mail shots.

PROTECH enjoys key competitive advantages due to the key technology of brand name and full solutions that we offer to our clients. Consequently, our competitive edge is our positioning as strategically with our partners; by building a business based on long-standing relationships with satisfied clients, the longer the relationship stands, the more we help our clients understand what we offer them and why they need it. Our value added services, with which we hope to help us compete in the market, includes: consulting and on-site support services, network configuration services and more. The company will always seek to aggressively pursue new opportunities through our value distribution model:

• Local presence in-country distributor
• Managed relationship; assigned AM (account manager) for every reseller for faster response
• Available stock-distributed warehouse locations
• Short lead time for delivery-same day
• Special deliveries-remote locations
• Hot line and Technical support
• Special discounts and price protection
• Volume Back-end rebates

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